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Inspiring Indian Women

Company number- 10879951, Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of ' Limited ' exemption.

Inspiring Indian Women Group, (Not for profit organisation) was started with the vision to reach out and inspire each other with their success stories. It not only aims to help and promote Indian culture across the globe but also provide a healthy platform for our Indian women to motivate and support others.

Our Motto

Lift! Support !! Rise !!!

Our purpose

To collaborate and coordinate to create opportunities for each inherent talent, dreams and desires to fulfil

To change attitude and stereotypical perceptions towards women.


To bring together women from all over the world on one platform and work towards bigger goals.

Get wider ideas and network with ladies worldwide to work towards upliftment and creating awareness towards social causes. To organise programmes related to cultural heritage and assist in making the presence of stronger Indian community not only in London but elsewhere.


Be known faces all over for your work, your endeavours, your business, your Art, your creativity and contribute towards prosperity of family and self. Goal- Personal Satisfaction

Rashmi Mishra and Richa Kalra, the co-founders of this group have been working hard to carry it forward in supporting women from all fields to grow professionally as well as personally. The group's tagline, Lift! Support! Rise! is inspired by the Poet and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou's quote, 'Try and be a Rainbow in someone's cloud'.

The group was created on 6th April, 2016 by the name ‘BhartiyaNaari’, Which was later changed to Inspiring Indian Women. Its members are based not only in U.K but all over the world. In just six months the membership touched almost 5000. Slowly and steadily the group is rising to reach its objective as a support by sharing inspirational stories of women in all fields be it in performing arts, entrepreneurship, children’s talent or even creating awareness against any gender bias issue. The group believes in collaborating and coordinating with other Indian groups to organise events, for example with IWIL, IIL, Hindi women in UK, Made in India, IMUK, Jammu Kashmir festival team etc.

Inspiring Indian Women has come a long way since its first event on Giddha along with Heartfulness. Being one of the key participant in, ‘The Big Dance Bus’, it attracted huge interest from passionate and enthusiastic dancers and thus IIW organised two dance based events Garba at Waterloo (To promote Indian culture) and Jammu Kashmir Knocking (To promote peace).

To create huge impact, the group managed to get permission for two iconic venues for the two events, first being Waterloo and second Kings Cross! Next event was, ‘Say No to Body Shaming’ along with panel discussion at Nehru Centre.

The Respected Mayor Mrs Saleha Jaffer, the mayor of Lambeth was the chief guest there. Recently the group conducted their first event in the parliament in association with All Parliamentary Parties group to welcome and felicitate a solo woman driver who successfully completed the remarkable feat of driving solo from UK to India. They also played a very important role in Croydon Diwali Mela.

We also celebrated Republic Day at Victoria Hall, Harrow. (Purpose was to infuse patriotic feeling for the country of origin along with love for Hindi in generation next) To encourage and support women entrepreneurs, few stalls were also put up. ‘Heart fullness’ conducted a 20 minutes’ workshop on meditation. On International Women’s Day, IIW proudly represented India in, ‘The Million Women Rise’ March on 11th March.

IIW also created an opportunity for all the talented ladies to express their inherent skills at anything from painting, craft work, embroidery, pottery, designing, handloom business, Kutchi items, cake decoration, handmade jewellery just anything handicrafts and handlooms by organising an Event, I’m (Im) Possible at Indian Gymkhana Club on the 14th May.

Along with this we also attempted to create awareness and propose solutions to the problem of 'Preserving Art and Cultural identity in Pardes(Diaspora) ' through Panel discussion. Dr Nand Kumar, Mr Prabhakar Kaza, MrsTruptiPatel, Mrs Lakshmi Kaul, Mrs Mayura Patel were panellists.We also decided to partner with https://www.ekal.org/ .. EkalVidyalayaFoundation of UK, a newly registered charity No – 1172411 and 10% of our proceeds from the above event was donated to them.

What happens when few women express their desire to go for an adventure?? You simply motivate, encourage and support... The special mothers, some with special kids did exactly that...with lots of support from their husbands who managed home and kids for 2 days ... the ladies flew and flew and flew.On 1st July, 7 of our members went for adventure to North Wales based Zipline Velocity .

On 29th July 2017, we celebrated 70th Indian Independence Day, with ‘United we stand at London’ with dances from various states at Kings Cross Western Concourse. We also participated in the HCI celebrations of 70TH Independence Day at Indian Gymkhana grounds in the month on 3rd September with fusion of Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Odissi. We also had a stall to promote women entrepreneurs.

Come September, IIW went to Holland. We collaborated with ‘Friends of India ‘ to celebrate Navratri with ‘IIW says Hoi Holland’ October saw IIW at the prestigious Diwali in Trafalgar Stage. Our Garba team were invited to perform in MET Police Diwali celebrations too and we were also cultural ambassadors to Croydon Diwali Mela 2017.

On 16th November, the High Commission of India in association with IIW organised a programme for ‘Women and Well Being- Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens from us’

The IIW team is rising; it has a cultural team, IT team, Deputy Directors, Executive members, Digital Marketing head IT UK as well as Digital Marketing Head IT India. The teams comprises of both influential and successful men and women in London with the drive to help the community genuinely. With highly acclaimed, 'She Inspires' Awards , there is no looking back for IIW.

As Rashmi Mishra and Richa Kalra put it, selflessly we move by simply motivating, encouraging, inspiring, influencing, sharing and caring for each other. This is the platform, where there are no admins, no superiority syndrome as well as no place for jealousy and ego.

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