Exemplary Achievement of Anshi - 3yrs old.

Exemplary Achievement of Anshi - 3yrs old.

Posted Date:2020-05-06

Anshi's Mom's inspirational glimpse of their lockdown journey....

Lockdown and Covid-19 situation is used wisely by my Husband and me.

We together taught our 3yrs baby on how to develop an API using Mulesoft.

It has been an excellent journey teaching and watching our kid creating an API like a pro.

This time gave a chance to our kid to venture into a coding platform. As parents, our worry about lockdown subsided smoothly through this activity.


She was sitting beside us while working from home and showed interest to learn the drag and drop code. Asked her if she is interested to learn and she quickly picked up. We thought of why not we can capture a video and publish it....