London Mayor Sadiq Khan talks about help for Domestic Violence victims

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Domestic Violence - You don't have to suffer in silence

If you are suffering from domestic violence  - Help is available

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Domestic Violence Support

You don't have to suffer in silence

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Domestic Violence - How we can Help You

Update:  The increase in domestic violence cases amidst the Covid-19 lockdown is a serious concern for us.  Charities and helplines are recording in increase in phonecalls for help amidst the pressure cooker tensions in domestic violence households.  If you are in urgent danger, please call 999 to get assistance.  Otherwise please contact us as below.  Stay Safe !  Stay Strong !

Evey year many Indian women come to UK as a spouse of a British citi

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A women said 'He stomped on my head'

She was beaten with electrical cords, had a gun held to her throat and was stabbed in the leg with a knife.

But it was what happened to Sandy Wolfe on a remote property in Western Australia that finally convinced her that she needed to leave the man she once loved or she would lo

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