Hamara India and Hamari Hindi

Hamara India and Hamari Hindi - 2019

#PHOTOSCOURTSEY @BhumikaDalvi @LifeDocumentedforCharity A long day, but worth it ! Floating Crowd of almost 500!!! Not possible without so many who supported !! The prestigious Zoroastrian Centrecentre once again proved that when it comes for community and India they go out of the way to support ! #IIW bows with respect ! Sincere gratitude to Her worshipful Mayor Harrow Ms Kareema Marrikar India in UK (High Commission of India, London) rep Ms Kiran Khatri , Tarun KumarTarun Sir , Satya Minhas Sir , Purnima Raval maam , Lakshmi Kaul Kuha Harrow , Sonoo Malkani, Bharti Sethia , Kirti Soni, . Guniraj Vyas Sudarshan Vyas Chirag Tyagi, Sulochana Sethi, Simi Arora Our Team who worked tirelessly the whole day trying to see each of the little one got due importance for the effort they made . Parents who stood by waiting to see their child say a few words for India!! #TEAMIIW #FORCEIIW Each word expressed will fall short of expressing the hard work that the team did in making this 'Grand celebration' of India create such an impact of spreading happiness and goodwill! @Pavithra Sapthavarna Creations, we owe this event to you , nearly a month since you have been working on it relentlessly. As usual Shital KamdarKamdar , Shipra Gomes , Deepa VaswaniVaswani, Seema KhandelwalKhandelwal. You all are IIW family Loads of love - Gayatri ShenoyShenoy and Radhika MayaMaya who for different reasons couldn't attend but did all that they could from home including making all those certificates. Pooja Nikhil Patelooja Nikhil Patel - Nothing is possible in IIW without your passion , enthu and energy . All that you do without even being told makes IIW so much more inspiring ! You deserve the most inspiring team member award , leading by example . Together we are stronger !!😘 Priyanka BhargavaBhargava- Amazing Discovery . Can't imagine what we could do without you. Continuously sat there handling the sound system without eating. Wish we could have more words to express our gratitude. Geeta SharmaSharma- Sab bacho ki MA! You made each child so much at ease Sneha Jain Your presence was such a relief, always can depend on you for anything. You are an example to follow and for all those who have the drive. New members - Neetu SaxenaSaxena who stood there continuously distributing choclates and spinners. - Nisha Upadhyay who was dot on time and sat at the registration desk almost all the time till we had to ask someone to relieve her Vidhya - Who was busy lining up kids without any complain. Special Thanks - Jyoti VekariaVekaria - Grateful that you could join despite everything. Padma Jain - who stood at the door to welcome . Shweta Mandar SharmaMandharSharma - For helping in hospitality Vaishalli Nagpall- You are IIW pillar , we now know , that u are the most reliable. Thanks for joining us. AABHASH TEAM - DECORATION OF HALL Shalini JainJain , Bhawna Sharma, Aanchal Goyal Goyal. The hall oozed with India feel. It was so beautiful .. You were the best thing !! Thanks Shalini for all those Spinners we handed to each kid. Immense Joy !! Gairika Mathurairika , Priya KushwahaKushwaha , Rashmi ChaubeyChaubey , Hima Devaraju , Vaishali Patel and several others your efforts in bringing the best amongst children made it even more spectacular!!