Akagrah Bisht - 5yrs

My Name is Akagrah Bisht ..I m from Nainital...Uttarakhand...I am 5 years...I study in class 1 ... little Hope by Akagrah is my channel which is all about fun,entertainment,knowledge,recipes ???? 

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Arjun Sistla (Age-10yrs)~Poetic take on Covid-19

Ek raheN Eer, Ek raheN Bir, Ek raheN Patte, Ek raheN hum

Eer kaheiN chalo gulel banayii
Bir kaheiN chalo gulel banayii
Patte kaheiN chalo gulel banayii
Hamao kahaa chalo hama'o gulel banaaii

So everyone has some contribution to Corona influenced creative activity. My 10 year old son too displayed his creativity through words...and I enjoyed contributing to the 2nd verse , added Hindi words.

Enjoy our poem


Covid covid ,you are hor

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Exemplary Achievement of Anshi-3yrs Old

An inspirational message from Anshi's Mom...

Lockdown and Covid-19 situation is used wisely by my Husband and me.

We together taught our 3yrs baby on how to develop an API using Mulesoft.

It has been an excellent journey teaching and watching our kid creating an API like a pro.

This time gave a chance to our kid to venture into a coding platform. As parents, our worry about lockdown subsided smoothly through this activity.

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