Team Structure

  1. A member in the Executive Team must participate in at least 3 events in a year. Complete silence observed in a year will be taken as no longer interested. Participation can also be from home as well in form of collecting, collating, marketing, promoting, speaking out, posting interesting reads on group or managing any linked groups.
  2. Not for Profit, to connect with more and more people without vested interest of earning at a personal level in the name of IIW . One can earn saying that you are member of IIW but not saying that you are earning /collecting for IIW.
  3. We completely understand that each one of you has some constraints and family commitments and it is not easy in UK , as we don't pay anything we can't expect this organisation to be pressurising or following protocols in that strict sense of the term.
  4. All of us are here because we love to do something other than the usual job/ family responsibilities. No one has been forced and each one of you are here because you have expressed at some point or the other to be here. We have appointed Rashmi Mishra Director and Richa Kalra , Harsha Trivedi , Arpita Ray as advisory member but this should in no way be considered as hierarchy of sorts. This was done only because we had to register the organisation. We don't believe in Kissa Kursi ka.. where seniors sit and do nothing and just enjoy the perks. Each one of you is the boss and are free to initiate any community service in whichever area you wish to and the only protocol is to keep us all in the loop so that we can support in whichever possible way we can. Nobody has time to keep on taking permissions and approval from different people for each and every changes made. Do tag us / each other in your each and every post so that we are continuously updated.
  5. You can either say - ……… presents supported by IIW or IIW presents supported by ………… or Special thanks to IIW ( Don't forget to mention IIW )
  6. Each of us are ONLY recognised by their contributions/ volunteering/ involvement/ efforts and not by the respective designations assigned. The designation is just a formality in an organisation where not money but passion and enthusiasm rules. As we don't pay, there is NO hire and fire or appointment or dismissal .
  7. No event , once planned will be cancelled, may be postponed but only in dire circumstances.
  8. An event requires lot of effort and we must value each other's time, energy and money spent for IIW
  9. The show must GO ON !! Whether people leave the group or are upset about something.
  10. All associations with other organisations have always led to bitterness hence IIW decides to be very careful.. This will ALWAYS be a joint decision taken by votes henceforth.
  11. NEVER use the IIW platform for naming and shaming.
  12. We shall try to organise at least one event a month
  13. The other IIW chapters too need a push- Wanted volunteers
  14. IIW doesn't have any religious or political inclination. Posts deemed to be pro or anti religion or against political ideologies will be deleted without any warning.
  15. Self promotion should be avoided and after every event it should be only #TEAMIIW #FORCEIIW … No personal glorification...No self promotion… No I did but ‘ WE ‘
We lift and support anyone who seeks us !!
As goodwill ambassadors , we will not expect anything in return ! We lift and move on !!

PadmaShri Janak Palta McGilligan
Shri Virendra Sharma MP Southall and Ealing

Director - Rashmi Mishra
Deputy Directors -
Shital Kamdar (Finance)
Kavita Gupta ( Cultural )
Meghana Sengupta ( IT )
Pavithra Venkatesh ( Cultural )
Gayatri Shenoy ( Cultural )
Shipra Gomes ( Event Management )
Purvi Thakkar ( Marketing)
Head IT incharge UK - Tejal Shah
Associate Head IT UK - Priyanka Bhargava
Chief Coordinators -
Shikha Garg
Simran Sood
Shalini Jain
Purnima Bang Malani
Prachi Bajaj
Bhakti Vaidya
Neetu Saxena
Pooja Nikhil Patel
Cultural Secretary -
Rashmi Narvekar ( Folk)
Christina Shiju George (Bollywood )
Shilpa Choudhary ( Giddha )
Aarathi Mahesh ( Kerala )
Puja Trivedi ( Garba )
Sowmya G Krish (Sound Recordist)
Saritha Choudhry ( Bharatanatyam / IT, Coimbatore )
Social Secretary -
Anju Narang
Pushpa Mak
Vaishalli Nagpal
Seema Khandelwal

Chartered Accountant - Deepa Vaswani
Secretary Public Relations/ Press Release -
Kavita Nistala Gollapadi
Executive Members-
  • Gita Sharma
  • Richa Sharma
  • Chitra Ravi
  • Ajitha Patel
  • Amshurekha Sinha
  • Radhika Maya
  • Kalpana Kundan
  • Bhumika Dalvi
  • Chinu Kishore
  • Gairika Mathur
  • Manasi Adholiya
  • Kirti Soni
  • Vaishali Patel
  • Soniya Singh
  • Sneh Sunny
  • Kavita Sonaiya
  • Komal Ghaneriwala
  • Shruti Sharma
  • Seema Khandelwal
  • Divya Josh’s.

Creative Partners- Hangover Media UK ( PURVI THAKKAR )
Advisory Board -
Kavita Gulati - Director, SpinLondon
Harsha Trivedi- President, Brahmin Society North London
Arpita Ray - Director, Essex Indians
Meenakshi Jain - Director , Astitva Foundation, Chandigarh India
Purpose and Responsibilities

Inspiring Indian Women Group, (Not for profit Organisation) Company number- 10879951, Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of ' Limited ' exemption.

IIW was started with the vision to reach out and inspire each other with their success stories. It not only aims to help and promote

Indian culture across the globe but also provide a healthy platform for our Indian women to motivate and support others.

Our Motto- Lift ! Support !! Rise !!!

Our purpose-

To collaborate and coordinate to create opportunities for each inherent talent, dreams and desires to fulfil.

To change attitude and stereotypical perceptions towards women.

Vision –

To bring together women from all over the world on one platform and work towards bigger goals.

Get wider ideas and network with ladies worldwide to work towards upliftment and creating awareness towards social causes. To organise programmes related to cultural heritage and assist in making the presence of stronger Indian community not only in London but elsewhere.


Be known faces all over for your work, your endeavours, your business, your Art, your creativity and contribute towards prosperity of family and self.

Goal- Personal Satisfaction

Definition of ME-

I am the Inspiration. I am the catalyst which runs the world. This whole Human race is because of us. You are because I am.

Yes, I am the Woman in you. I inspire you , inspire the child, the men, the family and the world around you. Come know me more and be inspired. I work in Office, run my own business, am a homemaker, a perfect wife , that sweet little sister, a responsible mother, the best daughter and the most wanted daughter- in- law.

God gifted me uniquely with the strength to create this world. I may be beaten, cursed, abused, tortured at times, BUT, I still stand tall and strong.

My tears are my Strength and my family my Support. When I laugh , the world around giggles and when I cry , yes, I cry alone-----I am THE INSPIRING WOMAN OF INDIA!