Turning Public Speaking Anxiety into Your Professional Superpower 次

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December 8, 2023
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Turning Public Speaking Anxiety into Your Professional Superpower 次

Dr Tisha Patel

Welcome to this week’s BLOG, where we delve into mastering public speaking to accelerate your career. For many, public speaking invokes fear, but it’s a critical skill in the professional realm. Today, we explore proven strategies to transform this anxiety into an asset. When benefits are gained, we find sharing these with our readers, clients and students helpful.

Public speaking anxiety is a common obstacle, but with the right approach, it can become a source of strength. Let’s break down how to achieve this transformation:

Prepare and Practice: Mastery of your subject matter and rehearsing your delivery makes the unknown known and the feared familiar.

  • My take: Toastmasters is a brilliant networking and educational resource that can be accessed locally to where you reside. Do check out their offerings as they have helped many!

Venue Familiarity: Knowing the space you’ll speak in adds a layer of comfort and control to your experience.

  • My take: Research the venue and attend earlier for practice to add familiarity and a sense of relaxation to your efforts!

Relaxation Techniques: Techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or light stretching can significantly reduce physical symptoms of nervousness.

  • My take: Try the 5,5,5 breath to help relax the body, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and produce a dopamine-filled calming effect!

Success Visualisation: Mental rehearsals of a successful speech can enhance your performance.

  • My take: Practice makes perfect! Give it a go and warm up that speech system!

Positive Mindset: Replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations about your capabilities can shift your perspective on speaking publicly.

  • My take: Affirmations are great for visualising and creating self-belief around your strengths, accomplishments and future. Come and attend one of my webinars this week to learn the Affirmations Model and how it has worked for many!

Embrace Nervous Energy: Recognising that some level of nervousness can contribute to a more dynamic presentation.

  • My take: If you are not worried, you are unprepared! Embrace the anxiety, learn from it and make yourself a better speaker!

Audience Engagement: Focus on the value you’re providing to your audience, turning the experience into an opportunity for connection rather than a performance.

  • My take: It is essential to make it about them. Listen to your audience, its needs and wants and engage to impress!

Opportunity Seeking: Actively look for chances to speak publicly, from small meetings to more extensive presentations; each experience builds confidence and skill.

  • My take: Reach for new opportunities and try saying YES instead of NO to that feeling of dread that emerges when doing something new!

Finding opportunities for public speaking can be as simple as volunteering for presentations at work, participating in local speaking clubs, or engaging in community events. Online platforms also offer a myriad of virtual speaking engagements. If you are an in-person sort of individual, then check out TOASTMASTERS. Remember, visibility is key to professional advancement, and every speaking opportunity is a step towards establishing your expertise and leadership.

Public speaking doesn’t have to be a barrier to your professional development. You can turn it into one of your most powerful assets by approaching it with the right mindset and strategies. Embrace every chance to speak as an opportunity to shine, share your insights, and connect with others. Your journey from anxiety to assurance in public speaking can inspire others and open new doors in your career.

Have you considered transforming your approach to public speaking? Lets support each other in turning public speaking into a compelling tool for professional success.

If you need to get a little more help, come and meet me at this week’s webinar: Rise with Confidence – Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 1 pm.

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